Sales Promotion & Business Equipment for Car Dealerships

Make cars & accessories look more professional

Pricing for Cars

With the aid of our products, you can certainly boost the professionalism of your business further. The info displays for showrooms present the most important data directly next to the cars. Our product range extends from simple acrylic glass displays to stable metal displays. The information can be easily changed without having to get into the car – for a large number of price information sheets, we recommend the use of Exposé stands.
Whilst looking at the car from the outside, you're able to view the relevant information that's displayed on the inside; our adhesive pockets are attached from the inside to the side window or windscreen by static. The advantage of these adhesive pockets lies in the residue-free removal. This allows your to flexibly place the price sheet holder wherever and save the cleaning of any residue.
With the digital price tags from troniTAG, you're able to price cars both quickly and professionally. Centrally maintain prices and product data and always have the overview of the current pricing on your computer. No manual exchange of information is necessary any more. In addition, you can always keep your data the same in the online shop and for exhibitions. Take advantages of the extended advertising options, such as the retrieval of a product video with the smartphone directly on the price tag. We also have extensive mounting options that allow for price labelling with electronic price tags almost everywhere.

Pricing for Tires & Accessories

We have a wide range of price rails available for your shelves, all of which are cut to individual lengths. In the field of shelf optimisation, you will find product dividers for an orderly shelf presentation, as well as stock pushers and LED shelf lighting. The pricing displays made of acrylic glass can be placed on tables, counters and even tires. With the clamp rails you can present information clearly from the ceiling or shop window too.

Business Equipment for the Motor Vehicle Trade

Do you want to present your brochures, business cards and car accessories in a clear and effective way? These products will allow you to professionally market your accessories and brochures.

Advertise & Inform

Do you want to draw attention to special promotions or present your business conspicuously? Here you will find a selected assortment of products to perfectly suit your needs.

Your Partner for Sales Promotion

We are your reliable partner for sales promotion and business equipment within the car trade. As a manufacturer, we can also customise many of our products to suit your needs; and produce custom displays.

Special Display Example: Mercedes Display for Visualising the LED Logo Beamers


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