Plastics Processing


Plastics Fabricating

At its main factory in Isselburg, VKF Renzel uses the most modern machinery to manufacture products in acrylic, PVC, PET, polycarbonate, polystyrene and other plastics for various applications. Parts are laser cut, milled, sawn, cut or punched and brought into shape using thermal heat or infrared radiation. Several parts can then be combined using various adhesives to form a one or multiple component product. The screen printing and assembly departments complete the process and enhance the finished product.

Acrylic Processing

We use a wide range of techniques to produce our acrylic products to guarantee the highest quality items. The acrylic is shaped by laser cutting, CNC milling, polishing, bending, gluing and assembling. Using a combination of machine precision and skilled hand work, raw materials are transformed into complex and durable products. In addition to our standard items we also offer a bespoke design service.

PVC Processing

We manufacture a range of products including U-Pockets, table top displays and leaflet dispensers from different thickness plastic sheets. Precision cutting machines are used to cut the sheets down to the correct size. Materials of up to 1 mm thick are embossed and then shaped using the latest technology. A range of modern machinery allows us to create customised products as well as a wide variety of standard items.

High Frequency Welding

Many years of experience in the field of film processing makes us a good choice to manufacture your products. The most modern machinery, technical know-how and motivated staff guarantees you a high quality and superior finished product. The facility to make our own tools allows us to react very quickly to your specific needs. We specialise in the processing of film from 0.14 – 0.25 mm. On request a thickness of up to 0.5 mm can also be processed. Primarily we work with anti-reflective material but can also work with bespoke tools, materials, thicknesses and colours.
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